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About the Trio

ELÍR was formed in Glasgow’s vibrant and eclectic music scene. Featuring Niamh MacKaveney from Scotland (vocals & fiddle), David Lombardi from Italy (fiddle) and Jean Damei from France (guitar), the trio have taken influences from each country and merged it with a backbone in different musical traditions to produce a unique sound. 

David Lombardi

David grew up in Italy where he graduated in classical violin and viola.He then studied Irish music at the “Irish World Academy of Music and Dance” in Limerick and world music at the “Royal Conservatory in Stockholm”. He is part of various folk and cross-over projects such as Dallahan, Fourth Moon, MODUL3, Event Horizon, The Routes Quartet, and he collaborates with many others.

Niamh MacKaveney

Niamh grew up on the west coast of Scotland studying classical violin and Gaelic and Scots song.  She graduated in 2018 with a  Bachelor of Music Honours degree from The University of Glasgow, and it was during her time at University that she began to take an interest in different Traditional music styles. Niamh has toured in Europe with Ailie Robertson's Traditional Spirits and is involved with organisations such as Live Music Now and the Féis movement. 

Jean Damei

Originally from Ardèche in the south of France, Jean found himself primarily studying Irish music for the majority of his upbringing. He moved to Ireland at the age of 19, where he later managed to achieve a Bachelor with Honours in Irish Music and Dance, which was then followed by a Masters in Irish Traditional Music Performance both at the “Irish World Academy of Music and Dance” at the University of Limerick (IRL). Out with Fourth Moon Jean, now based in Glasgow, can be seen performing with Event Horizon and teaching at the Online Academy of Irish Music (OAIM).

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