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What's in a name....?

When starting a new band, one of the main things everyone dreads is the name. If the band is successful then you could be stuck with it for quite some time. The endless disappointments when your bandmates finally agree on something, only to discover that a Nordic Metal band has already pinched it. About eighty rejected names later I was ranting to my dad about the trials and tribulations over naming the band when he reminded me of a story my gran had told him as a child. Having been born and brought up in Ireland, my gran had passed down many folklore tales to my dad and he in turn to myself and my brother. Throughout the retellings, some of stories have been changed and added to, even in this short time period. My dad had a vague memory of the story of a faerie called Elír who was entrusted as the protector of a magical singing fiddle. It was told that whoever heard the fiddle's beautiful voice would be unable to hide their true thoughts and feelings. The name 'ELÍR' became stuck in my head and after a chat with the rest of the band and a quick google search, we decided to go with it! I have since tried to find evidence of the story of Elír and the singing fiddle but to no avail. So whether it's been created in amongst a jumble of other stories or whether Elír was in fact a real faerie, I guess we'll never know....but that's how all good stories start out, right?


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